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Transport #740: Why we're here
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Wow, just when I was about to go to bed!




Yay! Brilliant!


Whoa new page!

Soooo, geting the only wizard they know to help was not so bright idea? I will be very surprised if Ayne actually did the right think taking the pixies with her ...

On the other hand, last we saw Leaf he wasn't in SO bad position. Perhaps it will be better to not interrupt now ...






Dark, scary realm with scary monsters...

Lee of the Rogue Star:

Welcome back! I especially like the malevolent face in frame 2 and the tentacle between the first and fourth frame.


SQUEEE!!! NEW COMIC!!!!! I hope that means things are calming down a bit for you and your family Mithandir. Hugs!


Careful with those gestures lest a void monster be given lunch...


haha I LOVE Malv's approach here.


Um. Yeah. Maybe I'm stating the obvious here, but plottwist/charactertwist combined with the timing after such an absence.. I'm going to assume for at least a day that this isn't the actual dialogue for this episode.

Either way, welcome back :)


They know you are here.


Glad to see you back!! Yeaaaah!!! Hope everything is going better. Love the colors, especially the face in panel 2! Great work.


Very glad to see a new comic. I do hope it's an indication that your lives are becoming less stressful and more relaxed, more - fun.
and WOW! fantastic use of the magnifier. The look on Ayne's face in the last panel, is worth the wait. Do carry on.


Wow! And I thought this was a good week when it was just Order of the Stick starting up again!

Lee's back and he's staying:

Hooray! Now if only there were some way to download the magnifier version! (Actually, there is a slightly involved way to... or am I saying too much...?)


NEWWWW COMIC!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is one of the best webcomics I have ever read, and you should make it into a book. It would help you (more income = more drawing time) and I would be happy to buy even with the free web version. Keep up the amazing work.


Guys look through the magnifying glass. It is pretty different.




Welcome back!!!


Use the Magnifier, check out Panel 2 right where the Wizard's voice bubble is. Very sinister.


Only just discovered the magnifier - very cool!


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Yay, you're back! :) And with some preeetty creepy eldritch monster creatures too...

Lee's back and he's staying:

Oh, look out, more gibberish messages with spam links...


How did Ayne get her hand behind her shoulder with her elbow down?


Oh no! the elder fiends are breaking the fourth wall!

By the way, welcome back! We all were getting worried.


Here's hoping you guys are feeling well and everyone's happy and enjoying themselves! Really glad to see you back, hope to have an update on how life is treating you folks soon :)


accused you falsely / falsely accused you
It's a matter of preference.
Also - Yay! NEW PAGE

I think the glowy eyes in the second panel are definately scary


Update, yay!! Great use of the magnifier version, and i love the small tower in the back that is upside down xD I forgot how much fun it was spotting all the detail in these little pieces of art. So happy you guys are back! :D






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Sun 29 Sep 13
12:33 MST
Rune sick so comic delayed

Rune suddenly got quite sick yesterday, with 39.6°C fevers (103.3°F) even after anti-fever medication and a lot of pain to one of his ears. We suspect the poor little boy has an ear infection but doctor will be able to tell for sure tomorrow. Either way, it means comic is delayed a bit, sorry.

Fri 13 Sep 13
1:30 MST
Soon ...

Hey all,

Tomorrow (saturday), Alien, Rune and I will be at the Elf Fantasy Fair in Arcen.

Monday ... we should have a new comic up (I say should, because Rune was a bit ill today).

Update: Will be monday afternoon, with taking Rune to school, it's tricky to do updates in the morning.

Mon 2 Sep 13
0:56 MST
An Update

This morning, this happened for the first time:

Now that he's going to school, we should have time to resume comic again.

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