The archmage's lab
Heart of Pixiegold #748: The archmage's lab
Storyline #83: Chapter Image
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Arcanist Lupus:

New comic! And intrigue, returning characters (This is the second time Mr. Not-a-Troll has shown up in jail), and what sounds like the return of the evil knowledge spirit. Fun times!


Green? Interesting. The memory spirit from the library, perhaps?


Yes. In the library, feiht scooped up the shards of the Crystal of the rogue spirit. She then gave those shards to the archmage to buy Leaf.


... apparently, it was bad idea (to give those shards to the mage). Also, Feiht have the power core right? Good luck getting it from her.

Also, yay new comic!


The story continues with another sub plot it seems. Even the "good" arc mage has something up ulterior motive, even if it's a benign one. Lets see what happens when Ayne lets the pixies out.

Lee of the Rogue Star:

Good that you are back! Thanks for whatever you can do!


And I just checked out the magnifier. The bars of the cell/cage are magically protected.
Oh and good to see you back. The picture of you and Rune is great.


Welcome Back!!!!!!
Glad you're feeling better.
Regards, Kate.


Woot! new strip! So glad I check this everyday XD glad that it's back!


Omg comic! My day just got so much better :D And it's also expertly colored and magnifiererderd and everything! I love this comic so much! :D


Welcome back!


Nooo!!! Grand mage!!! Don't listen!!!

Red Shadow:

Geb doesn't do a good job of staying out of jail, does he?


LOL Geb is cheating he has an ace up his sleeve (well under his arm since he has no sleeves).

Welkom terug mith / welcome back mith

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Thu 30 Nov 17
18:36 MST
What's up.

Hi all,

It's been I don't know how long since I've said anything here and longer yet since an update. I think you deserve to know what's up.

For the past few years I've been suffering from (and getting treatment for) very severe depression.

This makes it hard to make comic: Leaf, Ayne, Feiht and Myhrad are all different parts of me, but the pixie has lost its magic, Ayne has seen too many friends suffer without being able to help, too many of Leaf's crazy plans have gone awry and Myhrad is very afraid.

Speaking of Myhrad, who does not know whether they are a boy or a girl dragon, I have personally started a journey that will one day end with me being "Samantha" (though I already am and have always been).

Chasing the Sunset is not dead, even though it may seem like it. It won't die until it's either finished, or I am. It's just ... really really hard to work on until I get better.


Sun 5 Mar 17
11:43 MST
Ceci n'est pas un update



It's been a while hasn't it? Sorry about that. Here's a new comic for you to make it a bit better. This one has actually been half-done for ages. Just couldn't finish it ... but now I have.

I'm not sure when the next one will be, but consider this a step towards resumption of comic. In the past few weeks I have dusted off the website, cleaned out some spam and reconstructed the plot for this chapter. And now I've uploaded a comic. Progress! It was tougher than you might think.

I want to think all of you who have stuck around and especially those who have tried to contact us. I'm sorry that I have not answered you.

To those of you worried about me or Rune, here we are:

Alien not in the picture because I needed her to press the button, but she was smiling too.

Oh and for those of you who speak dutch and who remember the children's story we made for Rune's birthday last year, here's this year's version (sorry no english version):

De Kabouterpiratenschat (PDF 2.2 MB)

So, what have we been up to? Well, I've often seemed to hit the metaphorical wall running. I've been pretty good at picking myself up and to keep going. Sometimes the wall wins. It's ok though. I'm alive. And I finally coloured that comic.

Mon 23 May 16
4:06 MST

Sorry for delays in getting comic out. I've been in too dark a place mentally to work on it. I'll try to do it soon.

Wed 11 Jan 12
7:26 MST
Faerie Dragons

Excerpt from "The bestiary of The World That Is" by Wizard Ehm-Al.

When I created my lists of creatures to study, it was with some hesitation that I added Faerie Dragons, and who could blame me: if the stories were true, they were a cross between faeries and dragons (with all the obvious implications) and if they weren't, it would be a wild jabberwock chase. Personally, I believed the whole species a fabrication of somebody who misspelled “fiery dragon” and didn't think I'd ever encounter one.


Tue 3 Jan 12
22:00 MST
The Hell's Pixies

Extract from "Who is Who in The World That Is" by Wizard Ehm-Al.

Much could be said on the subject of the Hell's Pixies, although in truth if one removed all the curses the written material would be considerably shorter.

Note, please, that by curses I mean not merely vulgar language: so many malignant spells have been levelled at this group that should all of them have found their mark, the results would be, shall we say, unpleasant? Of course almost none of these curses worked, or at least worked for very long. The clue is in the name, after all: we are dealing with pixies.


Chasing the Sunset
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