Filler: Shiny Holidays
Chasing the Sunset
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Kim says:

That's my plan. But what if the gifts are shiny too?

ShinRaiten says:

Good thing I found that extra box then. My tree was lookin' a little bare before.

IrishDrinker says:

Woot! Pixies at the party!

Zela says:

Heheheheh :D

Who, Me? says:

"A public service announcement from your friendly neighborhood pixiewatch association."

Golux says:

And wrap the presents in dull, grey paper... Solstice is over, it gets brighter from here on!

OrlahEhontas says:

So that's why we put shiny ornaments on our trees! And here I thought it was to keep the cat busy. :-D

RocksMapsandCrafts says:

Happy Shiny Days Everyone!

Ladyfox7oaks says:

A-HA! I KNEW there was a reason the ornaments kept disappearing!!!

Venalitor says:

Won't they still steal everything though?

Kim says:

I plan on chaining the presents to the tree. Take that pixies!

Greenwood Goat says:

Best to put the shinies at possible points of entry, and make them cheap, plentiful but difficult to carry. With the multiple trips back to the loot stashes, distractions on those trips back to the loot stashes, and squabbles with other pixies, loot theft and so on, they might not even make it inside the house. >:=)>

craebild says:

I see a problem with that plan. Pixies can teleport, so any point is a possible point of entry, including under the three. So you wouldn't have room for your gifts, or yourself for that matter.

caribet says:

2013: go forth with Shinies!

Me says:

Fear not, Santa is the only person capable of giving the Pixies enough shinies to satisfy them long enough for the children of the world to open their gifts.

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