About Chasing the Sunset

Type:Continuous storyline
Rating:ALL to PG-13 for mild violence and complex morality (self-rated)
Updates:Mondays and Fridays, but check News and countdown timer.
Summary:The ongoing story of the elven boy Leaf, his dragon-friend Myhrad, his elven friend Ayne and the pixie Feiht as they travel across the world to find Leaf's long lost father.

Where to start reading.

We've tried to make it easy to get into Chasing the Sunset. While it's an ongoing story with over 700 pages so far, you should be able to follow by starting at the beginning of the latest chapter. If you encounter a character you don't know, simply hover over the question mark icon below each strip and click the character's portrait to get to their cast page. If all else fail, ask our other readers to help you in the comments.

Of course, you can just read the entire archive.

Another option is to read the story summary if you don't mind some spoilers. That page should get you up to speed quite quickly.

Keeping Track

if you have cookies enabled the website will tell you if you missed any strips on each visit. If you really don't want to miss any updates, we have the following RSS feeds available:

You can also use the following comic tracking websites to keep up:

Frumph.NET The Webcomic List

Who we are

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