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FireBallThey look very... worried, I suppose... Love the braids, inks are well done as well.
StormdancerOnce again you've got forms down very nicely.

They -should- look worried, if Our Hero is having to support Our Heroine, as it looks...
Eikanhmm...Chasing the Sunset foreshadowing? dun dun DUN...
krazzyi can tell something bad happened maybe they've been attacked by orcs and are trying to exscape but she broke her ankcle so now he has to carry her maybe the orcs i going to eat them when they catch them weres that little fairy? maybe she got eaten 8|...........( nice comic today i see the auther ate those muffins!)
PsyMarMUFFINS! YUMMY! *goes into muffin-induced bout of extreme cuteness*
krazzyum i think other people might need those muffins...
TealyaIt looks to me like she's trying to keep him from falling since he looks ready to break down into tears. Very pretty and they do look very sad. The expressions are great.
ChewaIt looks like sum1 our hero loves is getting killed before his own eyes..and he's trying to stop it..but our heroine is stopping him from doing it while she holds him( and hugs him to confort him) even tho she's sad too....otherwise...it's GOOD!
cookie-samawoww chewa, that's a cool way to interpret it... kinda reminds me of something from Pendragon: the Never War where bobby has a chance to prevent the Hindenberg from going down but if he does then hitler might win WWII so he cant and one of his friends has to stop him
oh and krazzy...why's it so important that we eat muffins?
Dryg0ni'm not shure, cookie-sama. i've been axing krazzy for the last three drawings and he has yet to answer me.
Dryg0nSorry, it should be asking.(but lately axing too)
raisinto me it looks like the taller one is a girl and the short one is a boy... looks sort of like the big one was restraining the little one (trying to help someone?), who suddenly stopped struggling for some reason (Person died a hidious death in front of them?).
Blue Riverhmmmm... looks like Ayne and Leaf
MoonMinx"its okay, they're gone, they're gone, far away........."
hailstormi also see it as the taller on holding the shorter one back


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Chasing the Sunset
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