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EikanSKEE!!! She's so pretty!
FireBallVery nice picture... I like the hair especially.
TealyaVery cute, but she looks slightly off balance in that position (though that may be because it is tilted to one side a little)
CoyoteFeet and calves look too large, but then some people are built that way. Don't listen to me though, I'm a perfectionist - which is why I don't normally show people my drawings :p
YoshiVery nice, Looks like she's leaning on something.
ChewaIt's kinda good...is she supposed to be panting and taking a break frum running-->prob not cuz she's wearing a dress but girls can run with dresses rite?rite. is she sitting down? Or supposed to be on something!?!??! I dunno..so..yea..!
KaithVery pretty ^_^
cookie-samaandshe looks happy too. ^.^ so (if she's in the process of running somewhere) she must be headed somewhere she likes. like the home of a friend or relative...or mebbe her house... so many speculations 0.0
MoonMinxthats either an amazon, a normal human being, or an elf that doesnt have pointy ears...odd
Goldenear777@Chewa: Yes girls can run in dresses; however the longer the dresses r, the harder it is 2 run.
hailstormshe sitting down on sometihing


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