A drow

Not a character that's been played, a male drow alchemist.

Added 1969-12-31


AlienFairly old image, and very stiff looking.
MithandirI'd hate to be the one that does his hair every morning.
lnp4668I like it.
Eikanum...did he put his finger in a socket when he was a kid? Really like the outfit, though.
BIGI envy the drow his lovely BIG hair!
(Mine is totally flat) :-(
krazzywizard! he is doing a spell.
krazzywizard! he is doing a spell.
PumpkinOld or not, I like it. A lot. ^_^
DragonRyderWHAT IS A DROW!!?!!?!?!!
AryaGet rid of the hair PLEASE! It doesn't look good with the outfit. But I like the outfit. Where can I find one in my size?
bookbooklove the hair!
LairmaidDragonRyder--a Drow is a Dark Elf varient with dark skin, generally portrayed as grey, and pale yellow, white, or silver hair. They are the (generally matriarchal) antonym of traditional High Elves. For more information, check Google, Wikipedia, or other webcomics. :)


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