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BYou are really good, especially when it comes to drawing eyes.
FireBallVery nice! I like the eye especially..

It does seem slightly blown up, though that could be due to the scanner.
CoyoteIt reminds me of someone I know, but I can't quite place who.
EikanEEEEEEEEE!!!!! He's so cute!!!!!!!
Eikan*suddenly realises that most of her posts are "*exclamation!* She/He's so cute/pretty/etc."* Can't really say anything else about them, except that I really like them. o.o
ChewaO..M...G!!! I loveee the eyes!!! but i think the neck is a lil' fat...but theres really nothing wrong with that!
Good Jooorrb!( good job )
cookie-samathis is like the only elf ive ever seen who actually cuts his hair...hehee @-@ :}
MoonMinxcharcoal? yeah, i like the eyes.........and the hair......did you use charcoal for that, alien? anyway,i like it :)
Aliensoft, blunt pencil.
thanks :)
MoonMinxlooks like this kid i know called Pete. he even has the long ears!


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