Added 1969-12-31


FireBallVery nicely done! I like the folds on the robe especailly... only think is that his head looks slightly too big for his body IMO.
Chewai think this one's not bad...but i think the elf should wear somethin more...exciting...noe?
cookie-samai agree with fireball on the folds in the cloth...i'm not too good at that cuz it's not as instinctive as, for instance, where on the face the mouth goes...
TL Wyvrenhe/she might be an elven prince/princess(in exial?).they might just like simple things to wear. is that a briuse on his cheek?
Dryg0nno, that's just shadowing
MoonMinx"sorry i had to do that"
Goldenear777"Do i have 2 go 2 bed?"
hkmalyTL Wyvren & Chewa: It looks as nightie to me. So, (s)he will wear something more exciting in morning :-)


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