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FireBallVery nice! I like the shading on the armour and hair especially... The sword near his head looks a little strange, though...
CoyoteBecause it's a dagger not a sword? :p
Eikan*_* soo....cool....I want those knives/daggers/swords/what-have-you!!!!!!!!!
xanderhe's guarding against something larger than himself....
Sealeaf GreenmantleYour elven warrior seems a little lacking in upper body musculature. Looks like he(?) could do with a little testosterone. As for the Elven swords: as a race of immortals they have of course tried just about everything. But since they have a lot of time to put into craftsmanship it could be expected that things of Elven make would be elegant,individually unique, works of art. I would expect elven swords to look like some of the more exotic eastern and far eastern blades, not straight "Arkansa Toothpicks" such as are shown. Look up a Yatghan, Kris, or Kukurii to see what I mean. Also check out antient greek leafbladed swords. Blades that mimic the shape of leaves would be very elvish.
FireBall@SeaLeaf: Umm.. I agree about the upper body musculature, but... don't you think you're nitpicking just a BIT with the swords? I'm not going to go into your knowledge of them...
Eikan*tilts head* maybe he lost his weapons and has to make due with a human's blades, else go unarmed.....
Drygonwhy's one sword bigger? :) *hhhmmm* HE SUCKS AT CRAFTMANSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Drygonlove the eye
Pav LucistnikElven blades are straight and elegant, because beauty is in simplicity. Those curved eastern irons are just clumsy.
CoyoteElves prefer light, quick blades, since striking first is vital. The dagger and short sword this one carries seem a bit heavy, but the overall design makes sense. A slender, short leaf-shaped blade would of course work well - an elf would want to be able to kill an enemy with a flick of the wrist, not having to muck around with too much weight that'll slow him/her down to the point of uselessness.
I can see them using both longswords and sabers, they're both good weapons, just meant to be used differently.
Heavy two-handed ten-pound swords are best left to displays and lousy movies. In a real fight you'd be dead before you could get it out of the sheath.
The BMy guess is that he(?) is left handed as he seems to wield a daggar in his right hand and a short sword (or perhaps piercing dagger) in his left.
Eikan...or maybe his right hand is just farther away in the drawing...perspective...@_@
TealyaNo two weapons are exactly the same and it hardly matters why they are not very "pretty" blades. After all, if you've ever done any fighting, a sturdy blade is better that a pretty one. Um, on his left leg, he's missing the stripe on his pants. It only goes to the blade there and not all the way around his leg.
BIG@Tealya. What you see there, is the heel of his right foot, not his pants.
Drygon"whats that inscription say?"
KellsAbout the muscles - for one thing, he looks very young; for all you know, he could be a warrior-in-training. Also, to me, it always seems that elves don't really have muscles...they're just strong while still looking sleek and pretty ^^

And I agree with Tealya about the swords - just because they're not fancy doesn't mean they're not just as good. Besides, if it is like my other comment, they might not make training weapons/weapons for youngsters as detailed and stuff as their 'professional' ones, if you get what I mean.

anyway, wonderful drawing!
TL Wyvrenjust a bit nitpicish, arent you?
TL Wyvrenand, Dryg0n(1st comment), it's called PERSPECTIVE!
MoonMinx"arrgh! fear me! the elf with a sword and a knife thingy with peirced ears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
okay enough exclamation thingys
MoonMinxand braided hair........but thats normal
raisin"SO.... what do i do with this one?"

who really cares about the sword??? I can't draw worth a crap, so put aside your nitpickish bits and understand that its a good drawing.

heeheehee.... likkle pointy things.... me gusta :)


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