Added 1969-12-31


Coyote"It was him! He's the one who lit my hair on fire!!"
FireBallI'd even forgotten about the furies! Nice hand, I like it!
PixieJessicaReminds me of Steven King. You know, The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon? This little girl gets lost in the woods and there is a domented woodland spirit and that is what I imagined it to look like.
PixieJessicaOnly I imagined it to look more evil.
PixieJessicaAAAAHHH!!!!!THE WOODLAND SPIRIT IS~oh look a shiny! (people in the background screaming)Pretty! teeheehee
Kellscoolies :D

I like the ear...it reminds me of a wing, for some reason. o.o

but over all, cool - it's simple, but pretty anway ^^
shinkodagood picture. maybe a little to kindly for a fury, though. just a thought.
MoonMinxspirit/fury/mermaid thing......cool! :D
hailstormits a fury fish


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