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FireBallNice details in the clothes and weaponry... not entirely sure what he's doinh though...
DrygonScaling the wall?Like the weapons, sheilds a bit small, dont know why
Drygontravls light
CoyoteWhat's the white thing in her hand?

Also, I think that's the wrong position for a buckler, needs to cover the forearm not the elbow.
Coyotealso . . . the clothes look realistic and your proportion is improving.

xanderthe 'white thing' is actually a slit in the wall - who knows what's out there. And the buckler is being stored (more or less) out of the way - sometimes people hold them in their hands, not on their arms, when fighting. Very nice, really.
Eikaneikan loves her weapons...and her buckler...and her shirt...and her pants...and her cloak...and her pack...and...*goes on and on and on...*
BIGShe is a spy. Watch out!
DragonmasterI forgot what that hole thing is called, but it's a spot to observe and shoot the enemy (with a bow, of course) and make yourself almost impossible to hit. Castles often have the same thing, only the slits are vertical.
TL Wyvrenarrow slits
KhyrhonI think the pose is the best part. It looks very realistic.Also, the shading is great!
Blue Riverbrings to mind spying
MoonMinxis that blue thing hair, or is it a hood?

I wish I could draw as good as you.....


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