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GoldenSilenceThe wings are so elegant. I like the head spikes as well. Nice detail and interesting creature.
FireBallWow... Very nice! I absolutely adore the head. The claws(?) on the wings are awesome too. Nice mace.
xanderme gusta mucho. Very pretty. Or however she likes to be described (looks as if shes wanting to wack something). Nice
Drygon'Got to go' Feirce, but the feet are weird
The BThe Face reminds me a bit of my maths teacher...
CoyoteOh nice, a half-dragon ^_^
The mace looks odd to me (if that's what it is).
PixieJessicaactually I think it is a scepter. Really neat!!!
AdaeIt looks very Abaratian
MoonclawAwsome! Love the wings! Though the hair looks a little odd, but its a cool effect!
kokopellime like, new fave
kokopellilooks liek something i'd draw
TL Wyvrenthe wings seem to small
AnyaStyrzodYeah. It does look Abaratian. That's an AWESOME book and an even AWESOMER *is that a word?* drawing!!
Flaming Monopretty sure thats a very valuable mace, all gem studded and whatnot
CryptoGirlHavent yet read that book. though i probably should...it sounds cool. based on stuff i've heard
Khyrhonlooks like somethig I'd draw if I could draw anything that looks good! Oh well, at least I can enjoy other people's art!
MoonMinxdevil feind-ish person- peoples thingy
MoonMinxlooks like a female devil


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