Added 1969-12-31


xandervery nice coloring job. So much life to it.
i_like_shiny_thingsAre those tearstreaks I see? Beautiful, if only I could draw like that...*sighs wistfully*
RamaniIs that you, Alien?
AlienThere's a fair bit of me in him, aye, though I have not his reasons for crying.
raisinHis dress-sorry, tunic- and hairband are so happy... why is he crying?
MoonMinx"why did you have to leave me ?!?! WHY?
Blue Riverand what be his reasons, Alien?
Alien*cough* Er... I don't remember... :(
MoonMinxhe looks a lot like a girl *cough* chest
thursdayloves the colours stuffs


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Chasing the Sunset
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