Added 1969-12-31


DrygonAre those tentacales macanical?
CoyoteShe's been standing in one spot too long and has grown roots.
i_like_shiny_thingsIf the tentacle thingies were flat, she could almost be Morticia Addams' long-lost younger sister (hee hee)
PixieJessicaIt is her skirt
TL Wyvrenshe seems... miss preportioned
Dryg0nor Miss Preportion;)
raisinI think she looks like a female vampire and I agree that the "tentacle roots" are her skirt.
MoonMinxshe looks like that evil crazy woman in the little mermaid
MoonMinxfemale vampire, where did that come from? *whispers* shut UP snowball! sorry snowball is the annoying rabbit we have. he likes muffins


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