sticks and stones

Added 1969-12-31


CoyoteChildren can be so cruel to each other.
Eikan*bites mean big kids*
The BWords are at least as bad, believe me...
This fucking sucksthissucksisalltbhlastfuthanxbai
PixieJessicaHow sad he is hurt. This pic is great, but also sad. BTW U COULD NOT DO ANY BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AdaePoor kid.... And I wonder if the person who thinks it is bad could draw half as good as this.
YukiNekoi agree with The B. i have felt like i was in that kid's position before, and i've never been actually beaten up in my life.
thursdaywelcome to oddness, one wants to cry from the emotion in the picture and grin from how well its drawn


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