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TaliWow... beautiful. Love the emotion in it.
Eikana bittersweet picture...love found in the midst of loss..
PixieJessicahow sad. Is that leaf?? Why is he crying?
KittenWow... I love the wind! This is really a good picture! Everything is made so well, the people, the bushes, the tree... everything! (yes, the cute bird too) But the wind was the best!!!
AdaeOh.... Lovely.... *Is speechless*
SonicbunnyPoetry, this is.
Old oneThis is indeed one of the very best pictures you have made. If there is a picture you are even more proud of, please show it, cause this is stuff of legends!
FaticiaThis one is indeed one of the best pictures I have ever seen!
AnyaStyrzodA picture's worth a thousand words :)
raisinI think this is what would have happened had Leaf's mum found him in the forest as he was searching for his dad...
MoonMinxits so- so- so sad!:(
MoonMinxits weird (i'm not talking about the picture!). like kitten said, the wind is best.......

the thing you can see the least is the best thing in the drwaing.
mystic mooseisn't that Ayne and Leaf?


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Chasing the Sunset
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