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Eikanrunning...but from what? hmmmmmmmm......
PixieJessicaMaybe dragon or troll or spell gone KAPLOOIE!!! or about a million other things.
DanFrom a pixie Id wager *grins*
Drygondragons arnt all bad!
Drygoni take offence!
YukiNekoi say it's a troll, just cause we haven't dealt with trolls in a while.
YukiNekoand yes, dragons do fall on both sides of the naughty/nice line. on one hand we have Smaug, on the other we have myhrad...
AnyaStyrzodHey, people have issues, dragons have them too. SMAUG WAS ONE WITH ISSUES!!!
Dryg0neh, he was just old
hey, you know, I really like Smaug, but yes, he definately had issues.
raisinOoops... that comment above with no name is mine, sorry.
MoonMinxit looks like they're flying, not running


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