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EikanIn the words of a roommate, as I was pointing out how great his artwork is compared to mine, "*holds up stick-people drawing* This is well someone draws means nothing. There will always be someone who draws better than you, or so you'll always think."
PixieJessicaIt looks fine Alien. I have said it before, much better than I can do.
KhelbenI love the art and the story and what I see of this drawing I can say I dont yet see anything that I would personaly consider a let down from the high qualirty work we have seen so far. Only complaint I am having is I am itching for the next minute on the seven minute war. By the have a good time with the wedding, and if your the bride or is it groom I think bride, have a good honey moon and relax enjoy yerself. (psst dont tell the faries that the far side of the moon is honey we dont need them on a super sugar rush.)
YukiNekoyeah, i'm starting to think self-criticism is one of the dooms of being an artist...
YukiNekoi see it all the time with myself- and my little sister for that matter. she's twelve and i'm thirteen, so i can still call her that.
PhoebeAm I the only one who recognizes this?
Dryg0nnope, its a detail from an amazon strip
MoonMinxamazon holding umbrella thingy
Dryg0nIt's a spear. With a strawberry on top?


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