Added 1969-12-31


Lizardits very loverly :)
AdaeNice! errr.. shouldn't she be wearing pants or a longer skirt? Love her expresion!
YukiNekomaybe she's in her PJs. and she's giong to the bathroom or something. or maybe she was woken up by the sound or ORCS raiding the city! so now we have to write a fantasy novel!!
Pixie SlayerLooks like she might be blind with the way she\'s staring and her hand out like she can\'t tell if she should be touching something or not. Good work, Alien!
FaticiaThe toes aren't drawn so I'm guessing that she is wearing some type of form fitting pants. Nice expression!
MoonMinx"cant - find - the - bathroom - door!
Blue Riverlike a baby discovering itself
MoonMinxIt looks like she's trying to perform a difficult dance.


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