Raynath Arvek

Star Wars d20 character, a human soldier for the empire.

Added 1969-12-31


AlienCurrently a sub-lieutenant, this is a char of mine in secret forces, complete with blast vest, helm, and a blaster pistol. She's got a vibro dagger by her leg.
lnp4668Nice b... ehh, character. She is I tell ya.
KaelicTheres something about a woman with a gun, very nice picture.
krazzyi wish i could have weapons like that, but no one trusts me ever.
FantasyfanaticI love the detailwith the gun, but the chest looks to big. But it's probably just the armour.
AnyaStyrzodYeah, the gun's cool :)
bookbookexcellent! i love her armor.
LairmaidI can't seem to help wanting to see her take off her helmet and let her hair down.


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