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EikanXD the best weaponry...a crossbow and a biiig hammer!!! love it! >^-^
Head smashing time again, eh?
Ivyooooo!!!!!!!! awesome hammer! i loooove hammers! hammers, mallets, bats...any hard blunt objects used for smashing stuff :)
BrassGuyi like the hammer as well
NastibanNice, very clean. Me like.
KittenIt's cool that it looks like it's difficult to hold the big hammer... ^_^
YukiNekomallet boy: but why do i have to hit him on the head? he's just sleeping, maybe i should pinch him...
his boss: no! you MUST hit him with a mallet!

he does look like he's havimg trouble holding the mallet. i must learn how ho do that!
Phoebe"What do I do now, Daddy?"
sjonthat crossbow is damned small. For hunting pixies maybe ....
TL WyvrenHAMMER!! to bad its not an axe
Drygonan axe?
TL Wyvrengreat big battle axes with muffins on!!
ChichiriThe club... axe... hammer... Thing is far too big. The crossbow is far too small. But the person is welldrawn
Dryg0nwhy muffins?
horse cazy#1why not muffins?????????
raisin"Um, sir, i think you dropped this..."
Blue Riverit's... A HUMAN. doesn't look evil, though. strange
MoonMinxOkay, where'd 'ya get the mallet?
Blue River1. I like muffins 2. He looks so innocent but is holding such a BIG hammer 3. cool clothes 4. beautiful 56789


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