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Drygonnice eyes
BrassGuyi like the eyes as well
morgainethe wealth of feelings, associations, stories you show with just a few strokes is nothing short of stunning.......
KittenWhen I look at this drawing Alien, I can see a great world around this boy, and his story could fill many fantastic books. Maybe he's the main character, I'm not sure, but this boy has a story so great, that no pencil can capture it in just a sheet of paper. But you Alien, you did it in spite of the impossibility, and put his whole world in his eyes and expression. And I love you for that!
AdaeTotaly agree with kitten. Awesome job!!!!
YukiNekothis picture is definitely special somehow...
actually, he looks kinda like Frodo. or maybe a really pretty Gollum. sorry^.^
the krudhey...he does look like Frodo in a sort of 'not Frodo' way
FaticiaI totally agree with Kitten. Great job! He does remind me of Frodo- the BOOK version.
MoonMinxfaded and evil
MoonMinxya know, i thinkit kinda looks evil 'cause of the slanty eyes.

but, i think it looks, i dunno, so simple but so complicated. it's wonderful.


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