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CoyoIs this a blowup from small size, or done with a big pencil/charcoal?
Texture reminds me of concrete.
GiovannaLooks to me like Charcoal on dry, heavy paper. I love both of those (charcoal and heavy, rough paper) You can do SOOOO much with it and even cover up mistakes if you make them :P (I always have to do that ;) )... Anyways, I love that scetch. Wished I could do something like that! Great work all around, Alien!
AdaeErr the right arm is missing a line I think. Otherwise I love it and wish I could draw as well as you can! *runs off to practice*
YukiNekoi think the slightly unfinished look is good. actually, sometimes i'll leave off a hand or eye off entirely (by mistake) and it still looks okay.
the krud:-p
FaticiaThe unfinished look is a nice touch, it really adds to the mood of this picture.
PrancyPranceUnicornlove it. ^^
MoonMinx(with a voice full of tears) "whaddya want?"


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