Ernok Ava

Female half orc paladin, devoted to Heironeus, the god of valor.

Added 1969-12-31


AlienNot thoroughly pleased with the scale mail, though I think the chain links came out allright...
MithandirI think the boots maybe need some work on this one ... unless she's a big spiderman fan.
lnp4668lol, I agree with Mith.
KittenI thought about spiderman when I saw the boots too, funny you already said it. Then it's not only me :P
xanderthe only place on boots that would need to be scale or ring mail would be at the ankle (and even then scale would be a little restrictive compared to ring)- everything else could, possibly should, be plate
BIGDashing haircut!!!
BIGDashing hair style!!!!
bookbookaagghh. eugh. he should totally not have a bald forehead.
MoiRather thick legs, though I love the rest of the armor.
Black magic girlwhat is an orc? and what is a Paladin?


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