Wish you were here

Added 1969-12-31


TaliAw, that's a really sweet picture!
KittenSomeone is trapped inside the tree! O_o
krazzyit's well drawn
Eraikei W.O.It reminds me of something I might do... Just go and spend some time with Nature when I'm down... One again, very cool. ^_^
Adaeooo I love the way your pieces convey so much emotion.
Drygonits an elf. perhaps her tree is dieing?
YukiNekogoing by the title, i think she's lonely. maybe her friend (a dryad?) is dead or has left.
Phoebe"Leaf? I told you not to climb that tree! Hold still, I'll go get your Aunt."
FaticiaSuch emotion. You are really good at portraying feelings.
raisintree hugging therapy...
MoonMinx"leaf, LEAF, can you hear me???????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MoonMinxum sorry?


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