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i_like_shiny_thingsWell, now, a fairie and an elf who are the same size...THAT'S not something you see every day B-)
Eikanso shinee!!!!
Eraikei W.O.It defenitely relays a sense of love and friendship... I like it. -The goth's friends go "Aw" upon hearing her say that.- ...-.-
AdaeI like this. "It defenitely relays a sense of love and friendship"- I agree!
Drygon"now wheres that shinie?"
YukiNekoi'm sure pixies aren't always focused on stealing people's stuff. maybe this ome actually wants to be friends.
me: *grabs the pixie's ear* RIGHT???
pixie: yes, mam.
PhoebeOooooohhhh... It's a fairy godsister!
TL WyvrenDrygon!!I agree with YukiNeko
raisinELF:your ear is so small!
MoonMinx"i wuv you"
KittenI know of two people that looks just like them ;)


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