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CoyoteThat has to be either very uncomfortable or very relaxing...
Drygonhes a elf so its probly relaxing
AdaeWheee!!! that looks fun! I wish I could draw as well as Alien. Drawing odd positions like that and getting them to look right is hard. Good work!^_^
YukiNekono kidding. i can pretty much do perspective on buildings and stuff, but not people. i don't really like drawing buildings either.
AdaeI love this draing!!!!!
EolillBuilding are rather boring... ^_^;; And I can tell you, as an artist, you enjoy making weird poses, and once you sorta get a hang on them, the easy ones are, well... easy.
FaticiaThat posture describes what I feel like whenever I'm about to fall asleep! I'm floating!- or is it flying- or falling. Hmm. interesting and nice
TL Wyvrenrelaxing
MoonMinxowwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!................ or ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Blue Riverstrange....... care explaining this one Alien?
AlienJust seeing if I could pull off drawing that position. No story behind it, unless someone cares to make one?
MoonMinxhere is your story behind this drawing, Alien.
okay, there was an elf that really really wanted to fly.then this fairy thing came up to him and says "you really really want to fly right?" and the elf says "yeah! how did you know that?" and the fairy thingy goes "i just do" and then he/she says " follow me"and the elf follows him/her.and the fairy leads the elf to a tower and says "stand on that blacony and tie this rope around your waist and then jump down and you fly!" the elf does all that and says "it's not excatly like flying, but it'll do" and then thenleans back and gets into tha position that you just drew, Alien.

I have a medal for telling corny stories. tee hee =D
Blue RiverOr maybe kinda like Chinese acupuncture (sp?). Elven rope-hanging
DragonessThat elf is either very relaxed and comfortable, or very dead. take your pick. :)
Dryg0nNooo... not dead. then he would bend differently


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