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CoyoteThat's cool!
TwingeThe pose looks a little awkard, but very good overall.
i_like_shiny_thingsFunny caption of the day: "Aw, man! Helps if you read these things right-side up!"
CoyoteThe scroll:

"When monster approaches (fig. A) insert sword into body of monster (fig. B). Repeat as necessary."
AdaeInstructions heheh....
YukiNekowhoa. his eye is, like, curly.
Laei wanna meet him
the krudit looks like Zelda with a sword!
SonicbunnyPaperclip : "I see you are holding a sword. To use the sword just... uh-oh."
Phoebe "Instructions to Becoming a Mercenary:
Step 1: Raise murder weapon of choice up in the air
Step 2: Bellow out the most ridiculous phrase you can think of
Step 3: Plunge the murder weapin into enemy's heart, still screaming as loud as you bloody can, until you murder weapon is as bloody bloody as it'll get.
Step 3: Run away - fast.

Hmmm, sounds simple enough."
FaticiaHe looks a tad too, um, prim or something. I wouldn't be surprised if those were instructions though
MoonMinx"Mo-om, my clothes are falling apart!!....................... again!!!"
Goldenear777okay, now where am i? wait, this isn't a map, it's just a piece of paper with squiggly lines all over it!


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