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Drygonwoah! lets take a step back! that ... thing would need a much larger wing span to bear it in the air.
Eikanand who says it can fly? :p ....or it could be shinee magic..
YukiNekothe person looks like a Muse from the webcomic 9th elsewhere.
SonicbunnyThis is beautiful... I'm incredibly touched by it, though I guess it helps to understand if you've lost a loved pet too. Poor little kitten - but he's at peace now. Who is she? A guardian angel, perhaps, or a water spirit? I don't know. Wonderful artwork as usual Alien; you should be proud.
PhoebeAwwwww... Very cute. But tell taht fairy water spirit thing to put on some clothes.
kokopellithis made me cry.
ehkokopelli do you read muse?
ehbecause someone gave this website to the magazine...
Dryg0nwhy would a water sprite have wings?
Dryg0nDryg0n, dont you think you're nitpicking just a bit?
Dryg0nyes mother
Dryg0ni argue with myself=)
horse cazy#1the cat has wings. flying cat or maby an angel cat.*confused*
Alien*points at sack*
Inspired by Death in Discworld, a little. He loves cats.
FeathersAlien it's beautiful, like sonicbunny said its touching!
no, see the angel there is pulling the kitty angel outta the water. it was probaly in the sack, drowned by some idiots.. poor kitty.
MoonMinxkitty has no legs!!!!!!!!!
MoonMinxis that a boy? or a young girl?
MoonMinxi sure hope its a boy
VolxtreemaLove Discworld. cute & very touching...


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