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Drygonlikeie likeie! dress wouldnt buldge like that
Drygonwhats with the studs?
Eikanooh, i want that outfit...@.@
it looks like an elvish punk rocker^.^ *giggles*
Eolill...I really love the hair on this one.
PhoebeNice one...But she looks kinda like a punk/goth person...And her eyes are a bit big...
FaticiaNice but her shoulder blades seem non-existant and her arms are a tad too big. It is a nice picture otherwise. (ignore the art critique)
raisinlots more room for earings on those ears, eh?
MoonMinxlots of peircings..............................hmmmmmmmm
Blue Rivergoth. she looks real wicked Alien. I like the use of the human 'goth' image on the elf. again, wicked
MoonMinxwow, when i first saw the snake dragon thingy on the shoulder in the thumbnail verson, i thought it was a number!

man! now i have to get glasses! waaa! now i WON'T be the only one in my family without glasses!
elvish punk rocker... (mind explodes with story possibilities)


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