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DrygonWoah woah woah! this whole "unicorn princess" thing isnt working. shes holding a unicorns horn, for goodness sake!

and she looks as if she needs to use the bathroom.
i_like_shiny_thingsTell me she didn't kill a unicorn for that. Please, tell me she didn't kill a unicorn for that...
MithandirNo don't worry, it's a silver replica.
Drygonwhats she gonna do, stab people?
Drygonwhats with the leather armor? or is it unicorn hide? (teasing)
i_like_shiny_thingsOhh, it's a replica. That makes sense. *Whew*
the krudI agree with Drygon, she should go to the bathroom!
EolillNuh-uh, I think that's a kinda... poseish... pose... she's stainding in... or whatever. ^_^;; You know, what girls do, weigh on one leg and bend the other infront of the first? Or something?
EolillShe's got kinda short legs, though...
PhoebeYeah, her legs are a bit short, and she's a bit too chubby to be a proper warrior. Cool anyway.
KaasyaPerhaps chubby if you are thinking elf, but as a very young dwarf or perhaps a halfing....a very fit form for one of those two races.
FaticiaLook! It's a "My Little Pony" girl! Ok, I had to say that. When I was little I adored those toys so when I saw this picture that was all I could think of. Well, she looks like she's trouble.
TL Wyvreni certantly wouldnt go around with a unicorn on my breastplate
FeathersSome people do have short legs you guys
MoonMinxdo you have short legs, Feathers? or are you just trying to be reasonable?


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