Jobin Wallowfoot

Druid/Outrider, halfling from a high level campaign. The zoo is her heap of animal companions.

Added 1969-12-31


AlienWell known among some people for her notorious forgetfulness when it comes to low level spells. That image took a long time to make.
MithandirNot to mention low level druidic abilities ... we spent HOURS worrying about something 'going up in smoke' !
lnp4668Hmm, haven't adventure with him yet.
AlienRetired, so not likely you'll go anywhere with her. She actually looks male then?
KittenOh, want to draw an owl and a badger like you do...
WandererHands down, my favorite pic so far (and second one to comment on). I just can't stop staring at this one.
AkylaAbsolutely amazing detail. This is one of my favorite pics too. Wish i had the talent you do.
TealyaOh, cool. I like the detail. Would love to see it with shading or color.
AryaI just love all the animals. :) It is so good.
bookbookshe doesn't have any human friends, does she?
LairmaidThat IS a heap of animal companions.


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