Added 1969-12-31


AdaeI like it! It's a pixie!
Drygonit dosnt have a sword. is it going to fight with magic?

is that a cristmas light around its neck?
Drygonor is it a Light Fairy?
VampireIs that a boy or a girl?
I can never tell
YukiNekopretty sure it's a dude.
EikanYES! achristmaslightwasstolenoffmytreeiwaswonderingwhereitwentandnowifounditontheneckofthekawaiipixie!!!!!
Eikanit's almost midnight from my eyes and i'm tanked up on mountain dew and sleep deprivation..so don't mind me..^^;;;
eekeeAlien, mind if I nick this pic for coloring & possible avatar usage? As soon as I saw it I thought of Piri, a pixie I play in Realms of Despair (a mud).
Aliengo right ahead :)
PhoebeOoooh, that's a nice one.
raisinA lot of things may be found on the neck of a pixie...
MoonMinxhe needs some karate lessons. thats not a very accurate karate chop.
Dryg0n"Woops, dropped my sword!"
Goldenear777Pixie warriors? oh boy...
hkmalyDrygon: You mean Lighting Fairy ?

Seems like (s)he stole the date of adding :-)


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