Garden Queen

Concentrate on the foreground...

Added 1969-12-31


AlienThis character has not been played in that state. An experiment with coloured lines, didn't turn out all bad i think?
lnp4668not bad.
Pav LucistnikPretty pretty. I like the dress.
OrcaWorked out quite well. The lines falling from where she's holding the dress out (well, the middle between where she's holding and the waistline) look a little bit "off", but overall it's a rather pretty picture.
AlienI know it looks 'off', but I have no clue how it should be fixed...
WandererHer head seems a little too small for the rest of her body; however, the colors and the shadows are simply /gorgeous/.
krazzyher arms look way to long.
PixieJessMy arms are long but people say I'm very pretty, besides I doubt if you could do any better.
Leylonoh my gawd! There's cleavage!!!
ChiPixieJessicaYeah, noticed , looks pretty real if you ask me,I agree about the head , but I didn't wanna say anything. Great job, Alein!!
likesshinythingsYeep, somebody shrunk the poor lass's head! Good gracious!
LaeI love the folds of the material, thats soooo hard to do!
BobGreat shadowing. The eye farthest away looks too concave and it's transition to the cheek is off.
bookbookshe would look great with a bigger head.
MoiDelicate and lovely sleeves, though I do agree, the head is rather small.
FaticiaAs far as the arms argument is concerned; the length of a persons arms (plus their body in between, I think) equals their height in most cases. What makes a person's arms look shorter or longer, as far as I can tell, is how skinny their arms are and how short waisted they are. I'm short waisted and have stick-like arms, so they look unnaturally long, but they match my height as do everyone else's.
I sincerely hoped that helped at least someone out there and I like the picture Alien!


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