Ptolemy's Egyptian Ex-Pyramid Slave

Added 1969-12-31



(side note: "ex-pyramid"?)
ForceUserOoohhh.. I love this one, would look Awesome if colored in right *cough* mith *cough* Perhaps Egiptian Piramid Ex-slave?

AlienNope, ex-pyramid. She's still a slave, but not working on the pyramids anymore.
Kittenooh! Like it! :)
Queen Julietaini of KiadorBeautiful. Looks Egyptian. Is that a trencher?
SonicbunnyOutfit very Princess Leia-ish. Now I'm expecting to see hover-barges, bounty hunters and giant slugs with a medieval dungeon fetish. =D
PhoebeGood one... But in Ancient Egypt, they didn't wear crazy coconut tops. Only Hawaii.
wadenext time, draw the slave girl naked
UnicornU draw well!!!
BabycakesNice! Very stylish!
Draw some dogs playing polker!
MeDaogs playing Polker??????
MeDogs*. What a stupid idea...
JasonAren't Egyptian slaves supposed to have been nude? : P```
raisinyou know, the grapes look very heavy the way she is leaning over...maybe the plate is like solid gold and is really heavy...but if she used to work on the pyramid she must be pretty strong...hmmm.
AlienShe was supposed to be bowing a bit. Better practice that pose, methinks :)
Excuse for the coconut tops: Ptolemy gave them to her when he got her off the pyramids.
pumashes hot.... draw her naked
MoonMinxnormal human being????!!!!????
miathat is normal human being knowone cane cange somthing
MoonMinxeh, got a point there
hkmalyWorking on pyramid doesn't mean lifting the stones. She might, for example, be bringing water for other slaves.


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