Wind beneath my wings

Added 1969-12-31


BlueMeadowsHi Alien, just like to say that I really like your art work, your very creative, and I can be a critic because all I know about art is what I like and what I dont and I like your stuff :-)
MoonclawAww its so pretty!
MoonPersonHmmmm...I like this picture. It make you wonder. The wings are awesome. I'm a wing person. :)
EolillIt looks very much like Ayne and Leaf, to me... ^_^;;
PhoebeAwesome! But that means the flying dude doesn't have any arms...
FloraMaybe where shes going she wont need arms
i_like_shiny_thingsthat lovely winged girl looks awfully close to a harpy concept I had, only the lower half of my harpy was still birdlike. Now the question is, how in world does she hold anything????
KittenI think it looks like the little boy is dreaming or imagining this.. perhaps one happy moment in a world of dispair.. he runs out on the grassfield, the wind blowing.. and he reaches out for her, not wanting her to dissapear.
FaticiaI like the clothes, nice touch with the design. The whole picture has a dreamy aura. I love dreamy auras.
TL Wyvrenshe might have magic and use it to change her arms to wings and back.
TL Wyvrenthanks alien, ive been wondering how to draw wing/arms
raisinIt sort of looks like she's wearing the they are sleeves and her arms are in them.
MoonMinxits- angelic
MoonMinx"I bet you can't catch me!"
MoonMinxit looks like the angel thingy is teasing the boy
MoonMinxI loooovethe wings! ive been trying to draw them for the longest obsessed with this series called maximum ride.......and there are flying kids in it and .....yeah
Maximum ride is a super cool series, there should be a 5th book. but there's not :(
Goldenear777Sorry, that last comment was me.


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