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ForceUserOoohh.. now that IS pretty. If I'm not mistaken Alien, you're getting awfully good at this drawing stuff ;) no seriously, I can litterally see with each sketch how you get better and better. Amazing!
RoseComment.. what.. Oh, right. Comment. Well what can I say? The armor looks good, the wings are awesome and I should really stop drooling now for my keyboard isn't water-resistant. ._.;
Drygonarmor is nice, but the chainmail skerts kinda weird.=) looks kewl anyway.
Drygonthe eyes are way to inocent. I mean, grt big sword+grt big eyes=BAD THING! =O ( CHRASH BANG CLANG ) "UUUUUHHHHHHH" (THWUMP)
Drygonshe must have elvan armor. elswise she wont be able to fly.
Drygon'corse, fly might not be her plan.*grins*=)
Drygon5 posts!
MoonPersonOooooooo. I love it! The armor is awesome and I love the wings. He looks like he's talking to some one. I wonder who...
SpyderLooks more like a 'she' to me! and... wow. Love the detail on the armour, especially the leather straps (thongs?) and the cute little mithril miniskirt :P Better be careful with those wings and that bloody great sword.
eekeeOhhhhhh yeah! Now Spyder's pointed it out I can see it. That's not a criticism, I've been known to make that mistake in real life. v.v

I think she's sparring and chatting with a friend, that would explain the innocent look. Culdor (one of my pixie PCs) wouldn't mind sparring with her. *g* Culdor's young (teen, twenties, I've never quite decided) and not a deep character, sword-fighting's both his job & his favourite hobby so if got to spar with a girl with pro equipment like that the little guy would totally be in heaven.
eekeeI've only just thought, maybe she's exhausted. That would explain the look on her face, perhaps better than a practice session with a friend. Maybe she's trying to bash a door in with the butt end of her sword, or about to deliver the kiling blow to a monster she only just managed to beat.
Drygonnot mithril! everyone Knows mithril is silver! everyone worth talking to, of coures
noirI wish i could draw armor! And those wings are brilliant! *love*
PhoebeLook at her, carrying a bloody huge murder weapon, but looking completely nonchalant. Geez!
Mel aka freakwhoa- ur work really rox!!! u should defo consider a career in art etc. U would go far! whoop! keep it up! n i\'ll b bac!
JCur a gd drawer, never been 2 this syt b4. how old r u?, i myself luv drawing.
FaticiaWow, I like this one. From the look of it, she feels like she could take on the whole world with one blow! I love the wings, armor, face, everything!
raisinnonono, she's just stolen the sword and armor and is veryvery proud of herself.
MoonMinx" la la la la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
MoonMinxooops! sorry! i accidentily hit submit............ i didnt kno it would do that....................................COOL!!!!!!!!!!!
MoonMinxI keep doing that!
MoonMinxuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmm, no comment!
MoonMinx"and we all sing gaily as we slice people in half"

hmmm hope he doesn't cut off his wings with the sword
hkmalyDrygon: Do not be fooled by spectroscopy. Mithril is not common silver. Is lighter, harder, sharper ... i mean does wield razor edge sharper.

Also, "everybody" knows mithril is titan. Wait, "everybody" knows mithril is aluminium.


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