Tithen Tinnar

Oriental Adventures Dnd char, he's a Wu Jen in elven leaf armor.

Added 1969-12-31


AlienThat sword is just way too huge. He does have a lot of hair, because of a taboo based in his class.
MithandirDon't count on him bothering to wake up in case of an undead attack. Heck, if armegadon falls at night it better reshedule! (* Hemya growls about having to fight zombies alone while Tithen sleeps, and getting pig shit all over himself in the process)
lnp4668Heh, Hemya didn't bother to wake him up.
KittenYou are really good at drawing hair Alien!
AkylaBeautifully done, but he needs an opponent. I'm not sure it's the sword being too big as it's the wrong look for being oriental and one-handed.
xandersword itself isn't too bad (roughly the same size as Aragorn's sword, before narsil). The hilt, though, is probably too heavy- weapon would be too unbalanced
AryaWow. That elf has lots of ear piercings. that many and my ears would start to droop.
Perhaps elves have stronger ears...
AnyaStyrzodOops. Sorry, that was me. I keep forgetting my name doesn't show up anymore
MoiVery cool sword and hair.
Black magic girlI- love- the- hair!!!!


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