A human necromancer and her weasel familiar, this sketch is old, and comissioned.

Added 1969-12-31


AlienThis never made it beyond this stage, as the comissioner was happy with it like it is. Generally I try to give things a more finished look.
MithandirIt's a nice image, but the lines are a bit harsh due to the compression/image format... did you scan this as lineart instead of grayscale?
lnp4668Nice image. Never met her though.
OrcaA character from the first game Demanther DM'd (online? Or ever? I don't remember) - White Owl. I think it dates to around September 2001 or somewhere within 6 months of that?
AlienMith DMd it, I think it was his first. It was fun for a first, despite its unavoidable flaws, and I got a fancy cloak, whee =)
krazzyfacer well done
bookbookburn the witch!!!
MoiI adore the weasel.


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