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PhoebeWhat this creature is goes without saying. Hint: SHINIES!

Good one!
PhaethI'll get that gem ... eventually ... when I can do it without them noticing...

But it's shiny! So I don't want to wait to get it but they're so paranoid so I should wait and maybe they're even right in which case I shouldn't try to get it until after we leave but it's so shiny so I want it now but I should wait, but if I activate that staff they'll be distracted by all the shinies in the library but then I won't be paying attention either and how do I get this shiny?
FloraPixie is as Pixie does
eekee*Another pixie flies up and says:* "I hope you're not going to hide that when you get it back home, Furl."
KittenThis was just lovable.
FaticiaI love it!
raisin"its a shame that the lining isn't shiny or I'd take the whole thing..."
Alien*points at Phaeth*
His character. Plays himself perfectly. Bloody fun fellow, all in all.
MoonMinxi wonder if Feiht has any siblings?
Blue River*stifles laughter*
MoonMinxnice sword thing. ithinks its plastic.
MoonMinxi dunno, ithink wierd stuff sometimes, that might have been just another bout of randomness.....


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