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FloraNice. I like the weapon. Scythe? I play in rpgs alot and thats the type of weapon i use the most.

I really like the skull things on the outfit.
eekee*meep!* o.o
Don't want to get in her way although... she could be fairer than she looks.
FaticiaShe scares me! *whimper*
horse cazy#1now i'm going to have realy weired nightmares.
FeathersHe seems like a Charon figure to me... chaperone of the dead across the river if the Underworld
MoonMinxuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh, viking?....................... she looks like a man
MoonMinxFeathers, the river of the Underworld is called the river styx, by the way.......sorry, we re reading thje myth of hercules in my language arts class
hkmalyMoonMinx: Actually, there are multiple rivers in Hades. Styx is the one between Hades and Earth, but Lethe is also famous and there are also Phlegethon, Acheron, Cocytus ...
hkmalyFeathers: Traditionally, Charon should have been little ... skinnier ... bonier ... well, skeleton.
Goldenear777@hkmaly: and Charon would be, well, deader.


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