Added 1969-12-31


AttillaGreat work.
EikanLuff it!!!!!!

Tall elf: We'll need to toss you over the railing..

Dwarf: Nobody tosses a dwarf!

Short elf: What if we just took the stairs...?
sjonTall elf: yes, that just might work.
Dwarf: but they look a bit unhandy for tossing over the railing.
FaticiaI love the picture and the commentary below!
Nebra ReppalkNever, never, NEVER, toss a dwarf, unless we ask you to.
raisinthe one with the topknot looks disgusted with the other two..
Blue RiverThe short elf's either a boy or a young girl and it looks like he (or she) is really sad.
The details awesome and luv the facial expressions


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