Half elven fighter, here wielding a spiked chain.

Added 1969-12-31


Alien"You want a piece of me? Huh? Huh? Huh???!??"
MithandirMy necromancer is asking whether you ant to be raised as a zombie or a wight, Umla :)
And you stole Nazdan's chain !
lnp4668Good fighter, almost as good as my Grognard :P
VioletElvenEyessure wouldn't wanna get hit with the spikey chain...
KittenShe is beautiful, and cool too! Like it!
ChiPixieJessicaGO GET THAT ELF SLAYER!!! THE CHI WILL HELP!!!(Chis are also known as happy spirits unless they are Ishes, Ishes are demonic spirits that hurt the Chis.
krazzycan you say war lord?
Powers That Aren'tWicked thing about chain weapons; Wielded properly, they can't be blocked. The chain will 'wrap' around a blocking weapon to still strike the opponent, and the chain length can 'sneak' around any held shield... Only proper defence is either a full suit of plate armor, or keeping your distance until the end of the chain can be 'snagged' and the wielder hopefully disarmed... >:)
bookbookshe would scare me colored.
FaticiaI love the face! ...and the armor... and the crazy imposing weapon ... and the ... yeah, everything!
MoiShe does indeed look fearsome. And I complement you on your armor-drawing skillz.
Adi SagestarShe looks like the spawn of Ayne. She's definitely got the look of fury and doom down pat.


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