Certified Magus Insanitus. My first irc dnd character, played in one of Lunal's campaigns. Are you out there dude? Please come back!

Added 1969-12-31


AlienThis is a colored version of a very old sketch of him, made for use in Icewind Dale 2.
Mithandir... where he's actually sane .... sort of
lnp4668Well, he did struck fear in me during my first DM attempt.
OrcaDo you have a higher quality version of this pic you can throw up? And I'm half surprised you haven't drawn him jumping into a heap of something (be it leaves, dust, still-smoking glow worms).
AlienThat's the size it was made at, because I used an already-scanned-and-resized image as base. I do have the psd file somewhere probably, if you want that.
krazzyhe looks sane not with the that horrible twinkle in the eye and evil smile that people get when there under to much pressure and snap. must have been torchered!
PixieJessthat scratch looks awfully painful. The picture really looks great


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