Added 1969-12-31


FloraGosh they came really close to their foot with that sword thing...
Eikanbut if you rest a blace on the grass like that, it won't slip, so the foot's safe..
it's so prettyful!!
kokopellithis was on my birthday.
eekeeEvlen kid training to be a warrior? Very cute, although if it wasn't for the elven reputation for uncanny dexterity I'd be worried about the sword-staff. ^_^'
Phoebe"I'm sure daddy won't we to mad with my for borrowing his pointy thing without permission..."
FaticiaUm, get AWAY from the kid! He looks dangerous!
Moosewonder what he's reacing for...
raisin"Pretty birdy! Shame I have to slice you in half with my pointy thing..."
FeathersI don't think the kid looks dangerous he's cute! and I'd love a double ended sword tehe
MoonMinxis he going to climb the tree with the pointy thingy?
Blue RiverDefinitly elvish. Ran away perhaps? Either way really wicked.
MoonMinx"wait, wait! I give you your pointy sword thingy! Mommy said so. I'm 75 years old now!"
That last thing was random.


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