Half drow, half high elf, this young fellow was early thrown onto the path of petty thievery.

Added 1969-12-31


AlienBeing a frequent participator in Mithandir's Rouge Trial games, he knows danger and death. And still he makes silly mistakes leading to more danger and death.
lnp4668Good thief, almost as good as Kitty.
OrcaBut hit him once and he's down for the count. He also has a thing about !@#*ing chariots...
pixiejessicaWOW THAT IS GOOD!!
DragonRyderWHAT IS A DROW!?!?!?!?!
AryaDragonRyder, go to Lotht?riel 1. There, I wrote back to you, explaining what a drow is. Creepy picture.
bookbookhair could be better but overall i love it!


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