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WolfMy first thought was an organic x-wing fighter; second was that is one creature that can manoeuver - airial acrobatics!

Anyways - I followed the link from The Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan here, two hours ago - and have read the entire story line as well as viewing the "corners".

First, incredible artwork and story; thank you! Second - cats :) I have four here, as well as two dogs and one parakeet.

You've a new fan, Alien and Mithander :)

Wolf (not a nick, short for my middle name, GhostWolf)
NarrissonaHey, it looks like it'd be an animal when u turned it upsidown
Willow FiresongThe thing that really got my attention about this critter was its expression. It's hard to describe, but it really gives it *character*! :) I love the double-wing structure as well, though it must be able to fly in its sleep (or not need sleep), since it can't land. Makes me wonder if it sleeps one brain hemisphere at a time, like dolphins do.
horse cazy#1lookes like he is flying up side down.
ajemiikinda looks like a pelican upside-down...
bookbookits a drawing that can be seen both right-side-up and upside-down.
MoonMinxum, i remember putting a comment in here......................oh well......anyway, i think it kinda looks like some kind of weird bird that got flipped over and has the ability to fly upsidown because it has an extra pair of wings. That, was a very run-on sentence.


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