Street Fighter

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TL WyvernOkayyy...

Thats... strange, Alien

Very good! But strange.
Dryg0nI agree...

I also notice that you are emphisizing shading. BTW- did you do this in pencil?

What TL Wyvern is trying ( and failing) to say is that this is a different genre than usual.I would know.
TL WyvernEr... what is he holding?
TL WyvernAnd... Dryg0n? I think your laying on the 'technical' a bit thick.
Dracona WymarcHow would you know, Dryg0n? it's not like you to people in the same mind!?
Dracona Wymarc*You are two* - sorry

TL Wyvern is one of my alternate personalitys.
AlienWohey, you noticed!
Made in ink-pen-thingy, like the comic is. He is holding a metal tube, slightly battered.
Thanks for commenting!
TL WyvernAh! okay, it all becomes clear now. I thought it was a bone.
TL WyvernAnd... Dryg0n? Your not my alternate personality. your just my sister.
KittenI thought it was a leg >.<
Love the drawing though. His hands is so well done!
Midnight DragonSo is Dryg0n a guy or Girl????
Midnight DragonI'm Sooooooo Confused
Midnight DragonI love the Look on the guys face. it says in your face loser!!!!!!!!*evil Grin*
TL WyvernNooo... it says,"yuk, I got splashed."
Dryg0nBTW... Im female it says in tl wyvern's post. Unless you have a sister whom is male?
Midnight Dragonohhhhhhhhhh, ok, i'm a pit slow latly. sorry. are you two realy related?
shinkodavery emotional, however none the less beautiful.
Eikani love his hair! *runs over to play with it, blood-matted as it is*
MoonMinx'" oh no here comes another one"' quoted from my annoying elder sister.
bookbookyay for sisters!!!
MoonMinxnono NOT hooray for sisters............welll, sometimes. do you even have a sister?
MoonMinxspeaking of sisters, Dragoness is my sister, she steals my nickname sometimes, though.
bookbooksorry about that last post! MoomMinx, I don't have a sister, i AM a aister... its so fun!
Dryg0nYup, we're related! It gets annoying...
TL WyvrenHey!
Dryg0n...Is for horses. Discussion, for you at least, closed.
Bluedragonreally? no one has made a Hidoken joke? well here it is,
anyway, wonderful ^^
VolxtreemaTru,e sisters are annoying, I should know I've got a younger one. Aaaaaarrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhh
Ultrainventorkind of out of character for this site. and...............ouch. too... many... things... in... head... actually, i just didn't know what else to say.


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