Kitchen Showdown

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Eikanstrangely looks harry potter-ish...i like it ^_^
AlienMission successful! Whee.
KittenOoooooooooooooooooooo, it's Snape and Black, isn't it?

I love it!
/hug from a great HP-fan
midnight batohhhhh, now i see it...
Flaming MonoThought that said "Kitten Showdown" when I first read it...
raisini dont think that snape and harry are quite that short... though I really love it!

Also black's wand looks strangely like a pencil with that sharp end... he should just skip the incantations and impale snape on the end!
AlienYeah, geez, this is in one of the last books isn't it? Harry should be pretty much grown by now. Ohwell, better luck using my brain next time!
MoonMinxyeah, and i don't remember Grimauld Place having taperstries hanging on the walls.oh, well..... "sighs"
MoonMinxI REALLY, REALLY, LIKE HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!really,
i do even more than you, kitten.i've read the series like, 10 times.and watched the movies like, 4 times.
MoonMinxSTOP, SIRIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bookbookahhh.. *grins evil grin at knowing exactly what's happening*
snape wants to give harry occlumency lessons. he is being very condencsending to harry in telling him that. sirius is angry about this, being angry at snape in general for taunting him about not being able to leave grimmauld place. snape taunts sirius a bit more. sirius gets mad, forgets his anger counseling lessons, and points a wand at snape. snape points his own wand at sirius. harry leaps between them, trying to break them apart. at this moment, mr. weasley comes in with a cured snake bite and a happy family. very slight hysteria ensues.
bookbooki did not write any of that with help of the book!!!!
Kitten*pats MoonMinx* It's a contect about being the biggest HP fan how, hm? :P

And it's a book, for crying out loud. Everyone sees things differently ^_^ A wand may as well look like that, and for the walls.. I like it Alien. Looks nice.
MoonMinxyeah ya got a point there, kitten......i remember picturing Dumbledores office having bright green walls........................................................Ilike it a lot.............Ican't even draw a proper wand and that's- ah well
bookbooki am the biggest harry potter fan in the universe. i can tell you how many valentines lockhart recieved for valentines day in the second book without help from the actual book.
(by the way, it was 46.)
MoonMinxsnape almost remindsme of- nah, nevermind


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